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Dr Kersten von Schenck, M.C.J. (NYU) 
Lawyer and notary

Arndtstrasse 28 
60325 Frankfurt am Main

+49 (0)69 789 9593-0 
+49 (0)69 789 9593-12 Office (Tanja Schlemmer) 
+49 (0)69 789 9593-13 Notary practice (Rosemarie Krug) 
+49 (0)69 789 9593-22



Arndtstrasse 28 is located in a large corner building in Frankfurt’s Westend, bordered on three sides by Arndtstrasse, Kettenhofweg, and Lindenstrasse. By car, it can be directly (and exclusively) accessed by taking Bockenheimer Landstrasse (coming from Bockenheim) by turning right into Arndtstrasse, which at this point is a one-way street going south. The drive to the property and parking spaces are on the left side, about 50m before the intersection with Kettenhofweg. If you enter the town, street, and house number in your GPS system, you will be guided to the property.

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